UV-C/B Application

UV-C(200nm~280nm) has the germicidal effect of inactivating different kinds of pathogens. With this benefit, UV-C is mainly used for sterilization and disinfection applications (purposes).
UV-B(280nm~315nm) has a similar effect of sunlight. This characteristic enables the applications of horticulture, skin therapy and medical attention.

UV-C/B Market Revenue (2018~2023)

Due to the Minamata Convention on Mercury, many manufactures have actively entered UV-C LED market,
including lighting, water purification and air purification.
It is estimated that UV-C LED market scale in 2023 will reach USD 423 million.

When the new additional demand due to Covid-19 is included, real market will be double times increased
after year 2020 (QYResearch).

Further Challenge

UV-C(255~275nm) penetrates human’s body skin, however, 222nm can’t penetrate human’s outer skin layer. With this benefits of 222nm,
many applications will be available in public area for sterilization that 255nm~275nm couldn’t be exposed due to its hazardous effect on human.

Photon Wave Responsibility