Germicidal Curve by Wavelength

The most effective wavelength for disinfection is 265nm. Conventional UV lamp used 253nm for disinfection and it’s known to have the similar effect as 275nm. If the same amount of light (power) is applied, 265nm has higher disinfection effect.

Disinfection efficacy curve(E.Coli) and
265nm Vs. 275nm UVC LED spectrum comparison
Low pressure mercury lamp peak
Vs. 255nm UVC LED spectrum

Disinfection Comparison by Wavelength

A certain amount dose of UVC LED of 265 & 275nm achieved 4-log of disinfection of bacterias (E. Coli, Salmonella & Listeria).
Below 0.5mJ/ cm², 265nm achieved greater disinfection effects compared to 275nm.